Randy                       News            Synopsis

                A soul-searching, 40-year-old dishwasher from Kansas takes a comical, character-filled
            trek through America's Heartland during his quest to attend Stevie Ray Vaughan's funeral.



   Ramper                   News           Synopsis

            After her preacher husband leaves, Ula Dean Woosley is forced to make ends meet by
            taking a job as a ramper at the Wichita, Kansas airport where, in between loading bags,
            she discovers life, love, and herself.   

Trail End                News

Seeking to complete a personal mission of riding every state, a dying man and his old        
           horse attempt their final trail across Kansas.


    Six Inches
          It's not the length but the volume that counts.
                                Featured in the April 12, 2002 issue of

    Dear Brian
Can't find the perfect man?  Simply borrow FORMER Denver Bronco quarterback                
          Brian Griese... and he doesn't even have to know!

                              Featured in the January 11, 2002 issue of 
                                Feel free to switch out the name Brian Griese with Jake "The Snake" Plummer.


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